Welcome to my webpage about Arlington’s school enrollment challenges. In the last ten years we have added 1,138 students to the Arlington public schools (a 26% increase); 771 of those students were added in the last five years (a 16% increase). At the elementary level we have increased classes from 110 in the year 2000 to 137 today, while increasing elementary class sizes from 19.36 to 21.96 (state average is 19.9). In the next five years we are projected to add an additional 500 students, though most of that growth is expected to be at the middle and High School level.

Arlington’s school population is increasing because our town is a wonderful place to live with nine (soon to be ten) really fabulous schools. At the visioning meeting last year Arlingtonians told us that they valued our neighborhood schools, academic excellence, and economic and cultural diversity. On the Town side participants spoke fondly about Arlington’s small town feel, walkability, open spaces, arts and recreational programs, and restaurants.

Above are tabs with information on enrollment numbers and options, as well as past email updates. Most of the information was compiled when we were making significant decisions about how to handle our enrollment challenges. I have tried to be fair in presenting this information. To the extent that there is bias or error the failure is entirely mine. This is not an official School Committee webpage.

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Jennifer Susse